A Week of Growth


Follow God: don’t listen to the devil! Yesterday as I was running the devil told me to take a day off to rest; it sounds like something God would say, the problem was it was said as I was running and feeling weak.  God would have told me before, Satan tells you after and puts a twist into the Word of God to fool you.

I had rested Tuesday and Wednesday, I didn’t need to take a week off to rest; that would lead to getting weaker. Talking with Bart helped me to see I need to keep going; I went back out and ran a 12mm! Pretty good for a weak person.

Today I have run 6 cold miles out in the country; done a few loads of laundry; and made soup from chicken bones. God has given me strength and courage to keep going even when it hurts some.

Listening to God I ran 6 miles instead of 4 miles; finished 2 loads of clothes instead of leaving them in the washer to hopefully get before they mold; make soup instead of just putting meaty broth in the frig, we will have soup to eat tomorrow and all week.

If I had listened to the devil I would have done none of it.  God IS Good!!!


Tonight I saw the movie, “The Shack”.  I remember reading the book years ago and knowing it was true/real; as I watched the movie I knew that God had taken me through this process and I have come out the other side a more Wonderful Person: set free from sin and death to walk in His Righteousness and LOVE!

One of the women I was with was mentioning there was no repentance in the  movie; I pointed out that Repentance is turning from following yourself to Following God; God is drawing each of us with His LOVE!!!



Sam woke me today because he wanted to play; I ended up getting up but my Right back muscle didn’t want to be used, I should come up with a name for these muscles like people name cars or such things. These muscles didn’t want to be used; I walked very straight with slow steps, not wanting to lean forward at all.

My thought is the digging up a small section of the asparagus used my back muscles so totally that it wiped me out for the week.  I made Bible Study on Tuesday morning but could not get myself together to go to my meeting in the evening; I didn’t even run.  Wednesday afternoon I could have gone to the local book club but I had no get up and go; I did run fairly well and hurried on to Jerry’s class but I was using all I had to sit through the class.

Today, as I ran, the second mile with Sam was a slug-fest; my whole back didn’t want to be used, I ran a few yard and walk some and run a bit more and walk some, it felt like mile 11 in a 10 mile run. When I dropped Sam off I sat for a few moments and drank some water before taking Charlie; that helped, I ran a slow normal.




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