Camping in October

With all the comforts of home: I am sitting in our camper, at the “Wilson Island state Park campground,” in Iowa; using my home¬† 27 inch iMac desktop computer, connecting to my iphone for a hotspot to the internet! Technology is amazing!





SLEEPING arrangement: Last year we started to use a foam mattress-top from home; it improved our sleep on the firm, too small camper bed/sofa mattress, but someone always felt like they would fall off.  In this picture to the left, Bart is sleeping on the proper bed, Sam and Charlie are on the folded foam mattress; do you see any room for me? When we are all sleeping on the bed someone feels like they are going to fall off!

This trip, I suggested we try the floor.

Amazingly, we both slept peaceful and sound; despite our bodies feeling the hard floor, beneath the 2 inches of foam!

Our gain: The ability to stretch out to our full length, with the extra bonus: solid back support, and there is no falling from the floor!

The disadvantage of sleeping on the floor: I am still sound asleep after Bart gets up. He always needs to walk the dogs; Sam was very excited and ran to the door, not noticing I am in his path!

This morning I am the Proud Owner of claw marks as Sam tried to get traction as he ran over my face!

I AM Thanking God, Sam missed my eyes.

God IS Good!