New lessons from God!


We spent 2.5 weeks on vacation going West like we did last year; I will write about it comparing it to last year.  This year was much better, we did find out Sam doesn’t like my music blaring in the back of the RV.

During our visit, we had one of those family things that normally happens no matter what you do; this time I wrote what I felt when getting yelled at or hear myself being talked about.  I gave  it to them and they read it and ignored what I said completely and suggested we play cards. I felt like our family was nuts!

Emotional garbage weighed me down. I know I am made NEW IN JESUS, but this stuff is a deep wound that takes many layers of healing.  Jesus did bring this healing in a phone call from my mom.





The first time she called I was a bit nervous because she mentioned the letter I left; she had found it again.  It took a few tries but we did connect and God Did His Miracle!  My mom listened to me and ALL I HAD TO SAY! She didn’t tell me  I was wrong! She heard me!

Sometimes that is all that is needed to be Heard, to know you are not invisible to the people around you. That people actually care enough to Hear What you have to say!

Jesus Changes the Bad to Good! God is Good!


This is a day  of crawl out of bed calling out to God for Help! It would be so easy to stay in bed but I know I need to go.  It was 9:30 I was brushing my teeth and walking out the door to arrive at Bible study with 10 seconds to spare; I sat down as the prayer started and the class began.

The teacher has been trying to get me to understand for a year the need to take myself out of my explanations and I am now starting to realize how important it is. Some people cannot hear  Truth if I am in the middle of it! God’s Truth stands on It’s own.

Knowing How important it is I will start working on it. It will take much work and practice but Jesus will help me!

God is Good!


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