New Start

March 29, 2017

Today I went to see a counselor for the first time in many years; I Do Believe it is a Good God thing! After returning home from the counselor, I had strength to dig  and replant my asparagus with ease, even after running and digging today combined with sitting up and writing an email for 5 hours last night. My right side started to complain before finishing the email. Tomorrow might be an interesting day; maybe, just maybe, God will keep me free from pain and able to clean house and finish my bedroom project!  God’s Grace covered me in full tonight!

My counselor asked me one question about the memories God has returned to me, if they are real or something Jesus does to help heal damage? I know they are real because they explain why I react to things the way I have my whole life.

I had no idea that a counselor could help me learn to read clues people are giving me.  I thought she would have to walk around with me every day and tell  me what I am missing. I must be wrong because she seemed to think it was in the something she could help me with.

God is Good!

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