The week of summer in February


I woke with the intention of running first thing: success! I got out of bed and did my coconut pulling while I was getting dressed to run; it took longer today because the temperature had dropped to 25 degrees and 19 MPH winds! I put on layer after layer and never felt hot. I only drank a little of my lemon water before I left because it was too warm and I didn’t want to put it off.

Running went well; my first two miles were around 15 mm, I start my time in the house and leash up the dog and walk across the street so that takes time; a minute or two.  It was VERY hard to run! I stopped a few time to take a few steps walking because  my muscles were crying out; I don’t want to help you breath or hold you up or help you lift your legs.

Later in the day I made salmon and salad for dinner; I was sitting there eating and having trouble, somehow when the muscles around my ribs and stomach hurt it is very hard to eat; it is almost like the muscles that move the food do not want to work. I had this thought to take some 5 hour energy, it took a while to decide to act; when I did get up and open an new bottle, it was only minutes later that all my pain left and I was able to finish eating. I don’t really know why But I Do believe God has lead me to this vitamin drink; it has helped God change my life.

The one thing I have decided is I am experiencing many nerves coming online big time! Two days rest did not help with the pain. God is making me stronger. He is getting me ready for something.

God is GREAT!!! God is Good!


This was a day of rest; I kept getting moving every hour to get my 250 steps on my fitbit: it is all I did! This day became a day of rest and “Bones”! I succeeded in all 9 hours of moving and nothing else; I thought my normal body would get full of energy since I really rested yesterday: It didn’t happen! I was in pain all day and it never quit, even after a nap.


Yesterday I went to the vet, I had been thinking of going to another vet, but I realized it has much more to do with never knowing which person was going to step into the room and be the vet.  I thought I could ask to see the same person at this place; this visit I met a new vet who told me more than I got from any vet that I have ever seen: I asked if I could use him only.

Standing at the check out spot, the clerk I remember from all the years at this vet, saw me; she put down her coat, and waited on me. She remembers me as the person who was in constant pain, limping, and not understanding what everyone knows. I did ask the question I have been wondering about, licenses; I have heard people ask if we needed one and I wasn’t really understanding what they were asking.

I did get dog license for both dogs; as she was filling out the information I was talking about how I am going to get my house clean this year, her comment was we all want to but never really do it.  That lead into my telling how Bart and I carried every Readers Digest with us like they were books; to every state we moved we carried them as cherished goods. That lead into how God gave me 5 new bones and new nerves and How He healed me of my past.  I gave her my blog site; maybe she will look at it and find this note about her.  She is a sweet wonderful woman who always treated me with Respect and Grace. God Bless her.

She did say I needed to attach them to the dog collars and it should be easy to sew a few stitches to attach them; I still need to do this but at least I have purchased them.  I will let you know when I attach them.God Bless you who read this.


I heard the most beautiful comment tonight; a new friend told me she thought when I was teaching class last Wednesday, that I was a professional!  Isn’t that a Most Wonderful Compliment? God is so Good!


It is the end of the day and I have just realized it is the 21st; I woke to make breakfast for Bart this morning and was headed back to bed until Bart helped me understand it was Tuesday, not Monday. When Bart has Monday off it messes with me.

As Bible Study started, the pain of lifting the logs combined with the 11 mile run really hit my whole back as I sat down for class. I did take pain medicine and it helped by 9:30. Lunch went well and grocery shopping went well; at home I lay down and the dogs lay with me for 2short naps, waking up to achieve the 250 steps each hour for Fitbit.

My body was finally ready to run around 6 PM and I was able to run the first mile without stopping  at a rate of 12:19mm: I did stop and take some beautiful pictures of the sunset! At home I obeyed God and did 70 lunges, 30 lifts and curls with the log; then I did a 3 minute plank, 30 push-ups and, only 4 pull-ups.


Today is President’s day and Bart has the day off; we took the dogs to Celery Flats to walk Sam and Charlie, we walked 4 miles! I say thank you to Fitbit who has given Bart what he needed to push himself and start getting into shape. Last year and the  few years before Bart would be complaining shortly after one mile.

I find myself getting into trouble with Bart; I seem to step on his toes, being a mother to my husband is not a good thing.  I need to let him be a man and have some pride. I messed up and lifted a log that he couldn’t lift yesterday; I suggested he do some weight lifting while it was snowing and cold, he didn’t think he needed to do more than walk. I need to be strong and not out-lift my husband. Lord Help!

I need to do something good for him and get up in the morning like I have for years but lately I have been up at night and sleeping in the morning; I have made his lunch and had food to warm for breakfast but seeing me is probably a much better morning.  God Help me be better and do better!

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