Ups and Downs

Yesterday we were thinking it was the end of Zachery’s life.  He lay still long enough I called my daughter to let her know the time was arriving to say goodbye. Michelle drove over, we cried, we talked, Michelle groomed Zachery and held him in her lap. Something inside of Zachery started to come alive again and he started to eat.

Today, he made himself get up and eat and go outside. He even put himself to bed with my husband, even though I am still up. I don’t know how much longer Zachery has left to live, but spending his last moments at home with family is  an act of LOVE!!!


Zachery rallied

Zachery rallied

Thinking it was the end of life.

Thinking it was the end of life.

2 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. It is so hard to make the decision when to put a dog down. We had to for Bumpers as he was in so much pain. For Caleb, he died naturally while we were gone. It was much easier when Caleb died.

    • I don’t know why we have to decide to put him down. My mom asked me what we would do with him if he died at home, like it was illegal or something to bury him at home. We will have him cremated because he is too big. Killing him now would be because he is work. It is something that if we need to do anything we will know it.

      Snuggles, cat, died because she didn’t handle one more move, she was 18 years and moved 4 times in into 4 different states. Freddie, dog, was 15 years old and couldn’t get up one morning so I had to use a towel to help her walk. We knew we needed to bring her to the vet. I brought Meggan to the vet on my own, she was my cat, and Bart wasn’t happy I didn’t call him. I don’t know why but something told me it was time, I had been giving her my egg plate so she wasn’t eating.

      I did ask God to help me Love Zachery and be with him to the end because I rejected Snuggles the last few hours, she came to me to die like she came to me to have her babies in my bed, and when her bladder let go I didn’t pick her back up. It haunts me some. Death is a part of life, I want to do death well, and not fear it. IF Zach died last Tues it would have been good, the family talking about good times.

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