Hi! I believe God wants me to write a blog about my life. I don’t know what I am doing so bear with me as I learn  how this works and I improve with practice and input.

Two years ago, I sat at a restaurant with my brother and sister just to talk.  We live in different states so we don’t ever get the chance just the three of us to talk, without spouses or children or parents around.

We started to discuss what each of us remembered from our early childhood, something we had never done before. I guess it is the elephant in the room that never gets talked about as you plow through life.

The waitress overheard our conversation made a statement about our life story sounded remarkable like a tv movie of the week. It is different to have someone overhear a conversation about your life and think it sounds like a made up story.

My name is, Justine. I am in my 50’s and I now feel like I am 20! I have been SET FREE from the garbage I carried around with me ALL MY LIFE, from my childhood! I have been HEALED physically and I have RECEIVED AN INSTANT MIRACLE in my body! My mom thought of me as handicapped my whole life until this last year. I am a new person and it is ALL BECAUSE OF JESUS and His Paying my debt and taking my punishment on the cross!

So if you are interested in finding out about my story check back and watch it unfold.  I will also have stories of Zachery and Charlie, our dogs.

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