New Revelations


Today I woke to my alarm, confused what it was; thinking another hour or more of sleep was available, God popped the time I need to leave into my head; I bet it was God prompting me to put 8 am alarm on because I didn’t want to get up that earl.

Realizing the time to leave was 10:30 not 11:30 I quickly hopped out of bed, put on my running clothes and out the door with Sam then changing dogs in the middle picking up Charlie; I was actually too warm for my short 1.5 mile run with 5 layers to protect me from the 18 degrees !

I got everything done and out the door to my appointment to help a friend. I had no idea what I was walking into, she said she needed help; I heard women’s meeting come volunteer and help me with the women. What I found was a friend trying to put together letters to make her women’s meeting happen.

I don’t know if we are talking the same language; she told me not to say “Set Free” but say “Empower”, I guess she doesn’t understand that I am all about being “set free” and being “empowered” doesn’t do anything until you are set free!

God Bless each of you as WE in the USA Change our clocks tonight and loose and hour of sleep; grumpy people the next few days.


God is so Good! I didn’t sleep until 5:30 AM but I did sleep until noon; I was pleasantly pleased  to get up, raise my arms in Praise and go on my way like I had a normal day yesterday. I did sit more today; probably around what my normal busy day is. I am in AWE of All the Changes God is making in me.

I am on my way to bed; tomorrow I am going to try a new thing, helping a friend with her woman’s group; I will see what help I can do to help set these women free!

God Bless each and every one of you!


Today I thought I was going to do laundry and ironing to clean up all the clothes and get them under control; it ended up being a day taking my bed apart: flipping and turning the mattress; vacuuming all the dog hair from under the bed, and oiling the teak wood to keep it in good condition. I ended up moving my bed a foot to the left because I realized I am the one who wants the cold air and I am not near the window; Bart gets cold because he has been under the window completely!

This day has been a miracle because I didn’t stop to watch tv; I did have it on and listen as I cleaned, but I didn’t sit and enjoy a break.  The break I got was to run my 3.5 miles and God put the idea in my mind to do log lifts to straighten my back. It does help, especially in the summer doing yard work; today it lead to 70 lunges and 30 curls of my log.

It is amazing how my body is changing.  I am not limping or struggling at all; I am even wondering if I should try a plank and pushups or if I should just go to bed.  God is changing me into a new wonderful person.  I did ask God to show me how to clean my house 5 years ago after He healed my body; I had spent 28 years in pain so I could not do much most days, I needed help learning how to change from sitting all the time to  moving all the time! I am excited to see what I am able to do tomorrow. God is Very Good!



It is not a day for running!

I did take a walk after 11 PM when I realized I was close to getting 10,000 steps and 5 miles; I actually walked 1.3 miles and after arriving back home I saw my goal for 5 miles was still short .4  miles  so I went back out and succeed in achieving this goal just minutes before it turned 12 midnight!

Earlier in the day, I took Sam and Charlie out back to play frisbee; most of the time Charlie was smelling around all his corners while Sam spent most of his time running after the frisbee, all of a sudden Charlie decided to go after the frisbee and take off with it!

Great fun!



I met an old friend today. We haven’t seen each other since before all of my healing. I hope and pray She is healed of the afflictions attacking her body.

Today was a good day; I ran my first mile at 11:53 mm! This is a Good thing!

God Bless

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